Friday, 11 May 2012

Lapwings On Sheppey

Lapwing Landing
Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 300mm ISO-100 exp: 1/800 f5.6 Exp bias +0.3step

Today I got some swabs for cleaning the sensor of my D7000. I figured it was about time as I could see what appeared to be oil on the images, along with over 20 sizeable blotches of dust, dirt and general grime!

So when the swabs arrived in the post off I went to suss out the cleaning etc and managed to have my sensor back in acceptable condition in no time. What to do now then? Time to cut the grass! This took quite a while as it was very long, but when it was done, then what?

Since I live about 3 miles away from RSPB Elmley Marshes Reserve I figured I'd pop there. The sun is shining, cleaned camera and raring to go!

Lapwing in Flight
Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 280mm ISO-200 exp: 1/1250 f9 Exp bias +0.3step

Hopped in the car about 3pm in time to catch the less harsh lighting and was there by about 10 past. Upon first arriving not much seemed to be happening, nothing more than yesterday in the drizzle but it was a pleasant drive non the less. I turned around at the farm and started back at about 3.45. On the way back the lapwings seemed to be a bit more playful and these are the shots I managed to get from my car.

I hope you like them!

Lapwing Hunting for Worms
 Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 300mm ISO-250 exp: 1/640 f8 Exp bias +0.3step

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