Thursday, 10 May 2012

Black Swans, Chartwell

Black Swan, Chartwell
Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 150mm ISO-400 exp: 1/250 f10

Black Swan, Chartwell
 Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 50mm ISO-100 exp: 1/60 f9

Black Swan, Chartwell

Photograph Details: Nikon D7000 Focal length 230mm ISO-800 exp: 1/500 f7.1

The original Black Swans at Chartwell were originally a gift to Sir Winston Churchill from Robert Sassoon in 1927, More recently Eb and Flo (two previous black swans) were killed by a dog and a fox. Although the swans have been killed over the years, they have always been replaced. There are currently two residing at Chartwell.

Below are six things the National Trust say not to miss if you visit Chartwell

  • Knowledgeable room stewards introducing you to Sir Winston's family home
  • Wander through the beautiful, tranquil garden
  • Discover Sir Winston's paintings in his fascinating studio
  • Picnic by the lake and look for the black swans
  • Enjoy family trails and play in the Marycot
  • Visit our working kitchen garden - with bees and chickens too!

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