Wednesday, 23 June 2010

White Dicentra

Those of you who know me will be aware that dicentra are one of my favourite plants.

Flowers have two tiny sepals and four petals. They are bisymmetric: the two outer petals are spurred or pouched at the base and curved at the tip, and the two inner petals are straight and connected at the tip.

This genus is distinct from other genera with bisymmetric heart-shaped flowers (Lamprocapnos, Dactylicapnos, Ichtyoselmis, Ehrendorferia) in that the flower stem lacks leaves and all leaves are in a basal rosette.

Each of the two compound stamens is composed of four stamens fused together. The stamens and pistil are held between the inner petals.

Seeds with elaiosomes are borne in long pods.
All parts are poisonous if ingested.

Photograph Details: Nikon D40, focal length 55mm, ISO-200, exp: 1/800sec, f-stop 8

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