Thursday, 26 April 2012

Some additional photos from Ightham Mote

Here are a few more photographs taken at Ightham Mote as requested by Gem from who's "blog was conceived as a place to collect reliable and accurate information about the early history of Ightham Mote and its inhabitants, to revise some oft-repeated errors, and to offer new insights which could be shared for the benefit of anyone interested in the building, and in medieval history in general."

It's a great website, full of the history of Ightham Mote and is run by Gemma Minihan, a PhD student reading medieval history and archaeology at the University of Southampton. I'd highly recommend having a browse through the blog - it's great! You can also follow her on twitter (@IghthamMoteHist).

I know its not really strictly relevant, but it is the Ightham Mote lawn. It was beautiful this day, very good :)

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