Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sizergh Castle & Gardens

This imposing house, at the gateway to the Lake District, stands proud in a rich and beautiful garden, which includes a pond, lake, National Collection of Hardy Ferns and a superb limestone rock garden. Still lived in by the Strickland family, Sizergh has many tales to tell and certainly feels lived in, with centuries-old portraits and fine furniture sitting alongside modern family photographs. The exceptional wood panelling culminates in the Inlaid Chamber, returned here in 1999 from the Victoria & Albert Museum. The 647-hectare (1,600-acre) estate includes limestone pasture, orchards and ancient, semi-natural woodland. [Source]

The house itself is actually quite impressive, as are the gardens... However, the stewards in each room are very annoying! A mobile phone went off briefly in one room and the woman seemed to get rather upset about it, so much so as to go in to the next room and moan at the people in there too! It was also VERY dark in some of the rooms, for many reasons, none of which I'm going to tell you about. They did say however that they were waiting for a lamp to be brought up, presumibly so they can turn another one off as the woman (Mrs Mobile) said that they weren't allowed the light levels to be any higher than they already were - for many reasons, none of which I'm going to tell you about either. Worth a visit? Yes, but you can't go until next year anyway now (yesterday was the last day the house was open for 2011), and bear in mind the fact that the stewards are just plain irritating...

Photograph Details:
Nikon D7000
Focal length 24mm
exp: 1/125

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