Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nikon D800

Wow, the rumours are spreading fast on Twitter today about the new Nikon D800. An official announcement is due within the next 2 months or so (possibly sooner) but who knows with Nikon.

They've recently released the newer updated processer the "Expeed 3" duel core processor in their new interchangable lens camera the Nikon 1. Will the D800 have the same amazing piece of kit or another even better one.
Why? Because speculation puts the D800 at a whopping 36 megapixel sensor. Either way, which ever way you look at it, its big! And so is the price... an estimated ¥300,000, or £2543.18 or $3912.92
It ain't cheap, but cheaper then Nikon's current D3X and D3S sitting squarely inbetween the D700 (currently approx £1849.95) and the D3S (currently approx £3594)
Not too shabby, but still, not exactly cheap....

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