Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cirrus SR22 GTS

On a trip to RAF Duxford a while ago I spied this rather nice Cirrus. It's an SR22 GTS, and is a US registered plane. Empty, it weighs in at just over a ton (1009kg) and has a useful load of 553kg. It can climb at a rate of 1400 ft/min (426 m/min), with a maximum operating altitude of 17,500 ft (5,334 m). it has a maximum cruise speed of 185 knots and at 55% power has a maximum range (With reserve) of 1170 nm (2166 km).

The engine is a Continental IO-550-N and produces 310 horsepower and sports a Hartzell 3-Blade Lightweight Composite Prop. The engine is balanced three times during the assembly process to provide the smoothest ride possible.

Also, developed by Cirrus and BRS™, is a rocket-deployed 55-foot (17 m) parachute that has been credited with saving the lives of over 20 Cirrus pilots and passengers. Normally hidden beneath the sleek surface of the airframe, strong Kevlar straps are ready to suspend the entire airplane beneath the canopy. CAPS can be deployed by the pilot or passengers by simply pulling an overhead handle. Once activated, the parachute is fully deployed within seconds, lowering the airplane and its occupants to the ground. Cirrus is the only manufacturer of Part 23 certified aircraft in the world to include such a parachute as a standard aircraft feature.

The base SR22 costs $380,650 (£257,631.53) where as this rather sexy GTS model costs $540,100 (£358,782.28). (Exchange rate provided by XE

The SR22 is the most popular light aircraft for new buyers and has been for several years and it is quite easy to see why, with its beautiful lines and high performace.In case you're wondering the little yellow plane behind it is a Tiger Moth

Photography Details: Nikon D40. Focal length 55 mm, ISO-200, exp: 1/320 sec. F-stop f/9. Contrast and colour adjusted using Adobe PS

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