Monday, 19 January 2009

The World Would Be A Poorer Place Without Tea

Hopefully the computer problems seem to be sorted now. I think I've identified the problem as Interner Explorer 8, but I might be wrong. It seemed to keep freezing my computer. I'm using Google Chrome now and Mozilla Firefox and system stability seems to have greatly improved. How odd. On the illness front, I'm still bunged up with man-flu, but last time I had this it turned out to be glandular fever. Anyhoo, over to the photograph.

Today's image is the second installment of the world through an 18-55mm lens. The subject is some tea lights. There was once a time, long long ago, when Mr Thomas Edison was thinking how inconvienient it was to not be able to just press a switch and on came light. Maybe he was reminded of the old Biblical story where God turned on the lights. Either way, candles have been a part of our history for many years now and over the time they've quite literally shown us the way on many an occasion. Originally they allowed us to see in the dark, at night and down mines etc. Now they're used predominantly for relaxation purposes and when used ith a pot can be used to keep tea warm. The world'd be a poorer place without tea...

Photograph details: Nikon D40, Focal Length 55mm, ISO-280, exp: 1/60 sec, F-stop f/5.6

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site to comment. I look forward to reading more installments of your blog!

  2. Thank you muchly, hopefully normal service is resumed now



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