Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! If 2008 was not the best year for you, then I hope that 2009 will be better. if 2008 was the best year you've ever had, then I hope that whatever made it good continues through into 2009.

In countries governed by the Gregorian calendar, the celebration of New Year is celebrated on January 1, the date that is considered the most festive of them.Celebrations on the Bay of Valparaiso, Chile; beginning of the show called "New Year at Sea," the largest in the world stage.

Traditionally, the Roman calendar began the first day of March. However, it was in January (the eleventh month) when the consuls of ancient Rome assumed the government. Julius Caesar, in 47 BC, changed the system, creating the Julian calendar, with some modifications in the time of Marco Antonio consul in 44 BC, the emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC and finally by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, is used today. In this year begins on January 1. Subsequently, the Gregorian calendar had the habit and the celebration was marked with a religious significance during the Middle Ages and later centuries.

With the expansion of Western culture to the rest of the world during the twentieth century, the January 1 date became a universal in nature, even in countries with their own New Year celebrations (e.g., China).At present, the celebration of New Year is a major event in the world. Major events are held in major cities around the world New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve for the December 31), being accompanied by the largest fireworks events.

Source: Wikipedia

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